An art and design diploma will give you background information on various types of art and design that will enable you to work as an artist or continue your education by specializing in a particular art medium. Art and design degree programs usually focus on both print and digital media, design layout, working with fonts, color, illustration, photography and more, depending on the field you choose.

Because of the wide variety of courses offered at each it is important to determine what your goal is in attending art school before deciding which program to enroll in. Decide if you want a more traditional art degree program or if you’d rather go into online art ventures.

What Is Taught in Art and Design School?

A good art and design program will put your talents as a visual artist to good use and develop your skills through a program of focused training.  Because so many industries are gearing towards the online marketplace, your online education will most likely encompass that in some regard, especially when it comes to graphic design.

Courses of study will likely include animation, web design, layout and copywriting. Design problems are also at the heart of any solid training, and you will learn to approach design from a problem-solving standpoint from blog ideas for college students.

For more traditional studio art programs, you might have courses in painting, drawing, ceramics, printmaking, art history, photography, etc.

Skills You Will Gain with a Formal Art Education

The skills obtained from earning an art and design diploma will introduce you to the art world and expose you to many different genres.

On the digital side, you will gain computer skills in HTML, JavaScript, and PHP, as well as learn software like Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, and AutoCAD.

In addition, you can develop certain skills like those of communication, writing, both 2- and 3- dimensional design and photography.

Art and Design Courses Through Online Art Schools

Online course materials and lectures can be accessed through any personal computer with internet access. There are requirements for certain art and design degrees offered.  Check out the requirements for entering an online art and design degree program.