The study of liberal arts is a classic discipline that provides students with general knowledge and a wide range of intellectual skills instead of focusing on a set of specific professional skills. However, a degree in liberal arts can provide the basis for steady career advancement as it trains you to write effectively and think analytically while also allowing you to explore the nature of various fields of study.

A liberal arts degree can show a prospective employer that you have a strong work ethic and an ability to think critically. Liberal arts degrees expand this focus to include social sciences such as anthropology, sociology, women’s studies, psychology, and political science. Read more about popular professions in the liberal arts.

If you are looking for a degree that has a broad spectrum of career choices, a liberal arts degree might be the perfect fit.

Basic Requirements for a Liberal Arts Education

To achieve your associate and bachelor’s degrees, you will need a high school diploma or GED. Some programs may require that you submit your GPA and test scores. To go further with a master’s or Ph.D., you will need first to have your bachelor’s degree.

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How long will it take to get Your Liberal Arts Degree?

An associate degree should take you roughly two to three years to complete, depending on your full-time status, and a bachelor should take around four years. A master’s degree will take an additional two to three years, and a Ph.D. will take another two to three years.

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Must-Have Traits of Liberal Arts Professionals

The most important trait for those seeking a liberal arts degree would be having a good grasp of analytical thinking. You will most likely be writing plenty of papers during your program, and you will need to research and develop strong theses for these papers.

It would help if you also had excellent communication skills, both written and verbal-if you want to have success as a liberal arts-based professional. A love of writing would be helpful, as well

Learn about typical coursework in a liberal arts degree program.

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