If years of watching Perry Mason reruns on TV have revved you up to get into the legal field, you can now earn your degree online and in the comfort of your own home-but, you might want to put the boob tube away to study!

While online law degrees, known as Juris Doctorates, are not widely accepted for bar exam eligibility (except in the state of California) you can easily earn a legal or paralegal degree online and enter into a career as a court reporter, paralegal, and legal assistant.

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Basic Requirements for Online and Paralegal Degree Programs
To enter a bachelor’s or associate program, you will need to have your high school diploma or GED. Research the programs you are interested in for additional requirements, which could include a minimum GPA or test scores.

You will need to have your bachelor’s degree if you want to earn a J.D. Not many online programs offer a J.D. degree, so take note of each particular program’s requirements.

You will, in all likelihood, only need an associate degree to get your paralegal certification.

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Length of an Online Law Degree Program

Typically, a J.D. degree takes three to four years to complete. However, prior to starting your degree, you will need a bachelor’s degree and competitive grades. After graduating with your bachelor’s degree, you will need to take the LSAT, and good scores on this exam will help with your admission to law school.

For those just wanting an associate or bachelor’s degree, you can expect a two- to four-year commitment, depending on your full-time status. You can also complete your paralegal certification online, a process that takes anywhere from 7 to 15 months.

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Needed Attributes of Legal Professionals

You will be constantly dealing with people, so impeccable interpersonal skills and strong communication skills are musts.  Sufficient computer and organizational skills along with the ability to conduct accurate research are essential to working as both a paralegal or legal assistant.

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